Film Research & Coordination Services in Israel & Palestine 2023

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If you need film research & coordination in Israel and Palestine, you’ve come to the right place. Our researchers have years of experience in film research & coordination services in Israel & Palestine. We can get all the necessary information about any story: whether it deals with current affairs, recent history or the archaeological excavations. Our team is very experienced working with international documentary film productions. therefore we provide access, potential contributors and relevant information. We handle corporate and commercial films and video requiring research prior to the shoot and coordination of the production. Our staff is used to retrieving the required information within pressing deadlines. While the internet is an accessible source when planning a production, there is no replacement for the local researcher who can visit places, ask the right questions and send the accurate information before any unnecessary money is spent.

Film Research & Coordination in Israel: Our production coordinators

Film Research & Coordination

The coordinator, or fixer, is our front person in the production and has the abilities to handle all location-related issues. All of our coordinators are actually production managers who are very experienced in either historical, religious or current affairs productions. Israeli and Palestinian coordinators work together in Highlight Films, and we are fluent in many languages. If filming takes place in both Israeli and Palestinian territories, we will provide you with a seamless solution.

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If you have an need for film research & coordination Services in Israel or Palestine, please feel free to contact us and ask… We have accumulated years of experience, and we’d be glad to share the knowledge!