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The latest security events in Israel: is it safe to travel?

These are sad and troublesome days in Israel. What began as an attempt to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East and turn it into a dictatorship, has escalated to continuos terror attacks from within and without.

Is Israel still safe. for visiting production teams? We believe it is, but the fear of coming to shoot a film, video or a TV show in Israel is understandable. For customers who decide to come and produce therm shoots in Israel, we continue to provide the best production services, as we have been doing in the last 25 years. And for anyone who hesitates or feels reluctant to come – we offer our full package of remote production services. Our producers and crews are very experienced in producing remotely, providing our clients with a direct feed from shoots in any point in Israel.

And if you want our ask us – just drop us a line and we promise to give you our sincere advice.