Aerial Filming in Israel – work with the best !

When planning aerial filming in Israel, you should go to the experts… We have completed hundreds of drone, helicopter and airplane shoots over the last years. Filming from the air is complicated, costly and often given to circumstances beyond our control: heat, wind, haze, just to mention a few of them. The answer to these challenges is our years of experience in aerial productions in Israel. 


Our experience in aerial filming in Israel and Palestine

We have coordinated aerial shoots of any kind in Israel: for feature films, news reports, documentary films, corporate and sales videos. We film public organizations in Israel, and we produced aerial shoots in Israel for our American, Canadian, Spanish, French, German, British and Japanese customers. Our aerial production team is ready to take any professional challenge, like we did with the filming of Jerusalem 3D IMAX in 2011: It was the first time a professional IMAX SPACECAM camera set was shipped to Israel, The camera was carried by a twin engine helicopter, with great success. 

Dead sea aerial view

There were two traditional ways of aerial filming in Israel: light airplanes and helicopters. From time to time we continue using them when needed, but in the last few years the big star in this game is the drone. 

Now, in 2023, we have one of the best stock footage libraries of Israel.

The unmanned aerial vehicles we use are equipped with full 4K or HD cameras and provide outstanding footage. They can fly and film at any altitude, from 4 ft. to 2,000 ft.  4K and HD Footage is recorded on storage cards and can be viewed online on a ground monitor. The results are spectacular.

All our drone operators are licensed and insured in Israel. We follow the local aviations laws and regulations to the letter, and we can always get the required permits.

Our Drones

We use several kinds of drones for news, documentary and corporate shoots:

DJI Inspire-2 with X5 or X7 lenses

Mavic Pro 4K

Custom made eight-rotor heavy drones, capable of carrying any RED or Alexa cameras.

So if you need a specific aerial shoot in Israel, or just want to license a few clips, just contact us and we’ll lay it out for you.