Biblical Film Production In Israel & Palestine

Biblical films:
Our experience

Western wall Israel Biblical production

Highlight Films produced and managed dozens of films, TV series and videos, focusing on Christian themes; Biblical productions and other religious topics; PBS’ Walking the Bible and Sacred Journeys; BBC and Channel 4 historical and archaeological documentary films; video productions for Christian churches and ministries from all over the world.

In 2010-2013 we produced the filming of ‘Jerusalem 3D IMAX’, an epic historical documentary about Jerusalem and its history.

Biblical productions in ISRAEL

In 2017-2019 we produced 3 annual projects for ZDF (Germany), which included the production of Christmas concert in the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem (presented by Marcus Lanz), and a documentary film to accompany it. 

We are acquainted with many of the scholars and experts on the history of religions in the country. Our fixers in Israel and Palestine are familiar with all religious and Biblical locations; our camera crews have filmed there many times. So we know how to get access to the locations, what does it take to obtain film permits, what times of the day or what month of the year are best to film there, and we can always offer additional locations. 

Stock Footage

Our stock footage library includes HD footage of many religious locations of Israel: from the Biblical landscape of the Judean desert to the churches and monasteries dating to the early days of Christianity, like  the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and many other ancient structures. 

Christian video production

Christian and biblical filming Jerusalem

We have opened a Facebook page dedicated to Christian video production in Jerusalem. This page can be a good source for anyone planning a video shoot in the Holy Land.

We are regularly working with Evangelical ministries, the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate, Franciscan organizations and many other religious groups in Israel and Palestine.