Film Locations in Israel

In the last two decades we have found, cleared and managed film locations to a variety of film, TV and video productions: European and American feature films, international documentary films, TV commercial spots, corporate videos and more. 

When you’re looking for great locations for film in Israel, we offer you the experience of years of location scouts in Israel: Biblical and religious locations, Specific desert spots in the Negev or Judean Desert, long sandy dunes along the Mediterranean beaches, the rugged coast of the Dead Sea or fascinating underwater riffs near the city of Eilat; nonstop night life in Tel Aviv, and rustic landscapes in the Galilee. 

Film locations Jerusalem

Our experienced location managers have been researching, coordinating, clearing and managing film locations in Israel for more than a decade. Our location managers will scout with your scout or recce team, or do the preliminary work by themselves and email you pictures and footage of the suggested locations. Our work volume allows us in many instances to provide a fast track of location film permits. 

Film location Tel Aviv

With the recent political turmoil in the Middle East, Israel has become one of the best countries to film in a large variety of locations: Biblical-historical, contemporary (Iraq, desert, Afghanistan lookalike locations), big city scenery in Tel Aviv, including the 2019 Eurovision song contest and the mountainous landscape of the Galilee. In addition – the Israeli government has announced on August 2012 that it plans to implement a tax incentives program which would encourage film and commercial producers to come and produce their films in Israel. 

So feel free to contact us with your wish list of locations, and we will do everything to make it happen!