News Camera Crews in Israel and Palestine 2023

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Highlight Films operates news camera crews in Israel and Palestine. We provide news production services for many TV channels, news departments and news websites from all over the world. We operate several ENG crews on a daily basis, pending news events and the stories we cover.

Our news camera crews

At any given time we have news camera crews in Israel on standby, and we can cover any news event in a short notice. our news producers can arrange all supporting services in Israel, the West Bank Gaza; from coordination of the shoot, getting access to locations and instructing the camera crews, sending the footage to the customer by a satellite uplink feed, live streaming, fast footage upload etc.

Since the first outbreak of Covid in 2020, we are working with the best available tools for full remote production services. Many of our news customers have not been sending their reporters to Israel since then, and we provide all services for them, remotely.

Standard package for news shoots:

Camera crew Israel
  • HD / 4K camera
  • Tripod
  • Interview light pack (3 lights)
  • Audio: On board mic, one radio mic, headphones
  • Memory cards and card reader
  • Production minivan in Israel and Palestine

Traveling to Gaza

Accredited journalists are allowed to cross the border from Israel to Gaza, but they are required to obtain a valid Israeli Government Press Office press card. On the Palestinian side, journalists have to obtain in advance an entry permit to Gaza. Our Gaza producers can assist with these arrangements.

Crew booking is organised through our Tel Aviv operations center. Please contact us  or call: Tel. +9723-6168611