News production services in Israel 2023

We provide news production services in Israel for leading TV and web news departments, providing them stories, camera crews, experienced production fixers and news production services in Israel.

We are covering news stories in Israel and Palestine on a regular basis, but in times of political or military conflicts we recruit more news crews and producers in order to provide our customers with the best and fast professional services on the ground. 

News production services in Israel: our customers

Some of the TV news departments we work with: Bloomberg TV, Channel 4 (UK), Ch. 5 (UK), CNN, BBC, TBS (Japan), Ch. 9 Australia, NOS (Holland), Pro-Sieben (Germany) and others.

Some of our online customers: Twitter,,,, Vice, Vocative…

News production services Israel

At any given time we have producers and camera crews on standby in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah, and can cover any news event in a short notice. Highlight Films can provide you with satellite feed up link services, with or without buying space segment, from any point in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, and transmit your report or raw footage to any point in the world. 

Our news team is publishing a Flipboard web magazine of the latest news stories from Israel. Please feel free to check out what are the latest headlines and developing news stories.

Our Tel Aviv office has access to immediate news updates from various sources, and we often get security alerts and warnings before many other reporters or news offices. Whenever one of our crews is shooting on location in Israel or Palestine, the office coordinator forwards updates to the crew in real time.