The best photography production services in Israel in 2023

Photography in Israel

Highlight Films offers professional photography production services in Israel and Palestine.

We have more than twenty years of experience in providing photo production services and local assistance to a wide range of photo shoot productions taking place in Israel and the West Bank: fashion campaigns for international brands filmed in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Negev desert, Eilat and many other locations. We produce photo shoots with local or visiting photographers for financial institutions, public organizations, international corporations, airlines and more.

We know how to handle all parts of the production, while coordinating with the foreign crews arriving to Israel. 

Great photo shoot in Israel: location scout / recce

Photography services in Israel

Our experienced location managers can find the locations you are looking for: From the high peaks of the Galilee, to the dry wilderness of the Negev Desert, the beautiful Mediterranean shores, the Biblical landscape of the Judean Desert to the high intensity urban atmosphere of Tel Aviv; Israel is small, and you can drive its entire length in one day, so even a short location recce can be useful if planned efficiently. 

In our archive there are shots of virtually every point in Israel, filmed in high definition. We can always show you the location you would like to visit from various angles before coming to the location. 

Photography production services in Israel and Palestine: Our Amazing Production Crew

The Highlight Films production personnel is experienced with all kinds of field productions. We have worked with British, French, American, Canadian and Italian photographers and producers who came to Israel to film their photos here, and we are aware of the possible complexities of any production. During the years we have composed a small list of suppliers, colleagues and service providers who fit our professional standards. To each photo shoot production we will bring the most of our experience and contacts in order to make it a successful project.

Photographers and Assistants

There are many experienced photo professionals in Israel. In addition to local shoots produced in Israel, there are many international film and photo shoot productions arriving to Israel every year. We can assure you that we will assemble the best team of highly talented professionals for your production – experienced, hard working men and women who can help you achieve the best results in your production here.

Photography production services Israel: Equipment

All professional photo equipment is available in Israel. 

Aerial Filming

aerial filming Israel

In addition to an extensive video footage archive of Israel, we often produce aerial photography shoots by helicopters and drones. 
If you are planning to produce a photo shoot in Israel and/or Palestine, we would be glad to advise you on the various production issues, including the specific conditions for such productions in our area.

Photography production services in Israel and Palestine: Our Experience

In the last years we completed photo shoot productions for:

Philip Morris
Maxim Magazine
Double Magazine
KKL-JNF Israel
and many more…