Professional fixer services in Israel and Palestine 2023

Fixer services in Israel and Palestine for TV and video productions: that’s what we do best…

Since 1998 we have provided fixer services in Israel & Palestine to hundreds of photographyTV and video productions:
BBC, Netflix, Amazon, Channel 4, National Geographic, Discovery, ZDF, History, PBS, ARTE, Showtime, Fox and many other broadcasters. 

What is a fixer?

A fixer is a local coordinator, production manager, or field producer. Our fixers are highly experienced professionals. All are fluent in English and some speak additional languages: German, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese.

Why are we considered as the best fixer production services company in Israel and Palestine? – First and foremost, because the best fixers in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are working with us…

Fixer in Israel

Our fixers in Israel and Palestine

All our fixers in Israel and Palestine are very experienced in planning and producing  documentary, corporate or commercial shoots. Before the filming begins, the coordinator / fixer will obtain all the necessary filming permits. While the fixer is with the crew in the filming locations, he or she is constantly in touch with the Tel Aviv office, providing them with news alerts, logistical assistance and online research work when needed. Highlight Films employs both Israeli and Palestinian fixers who are all experts in the field. An Israeli fixer always accompanies productions filming in Israel; a Palestinian fixer works with productions in the West bank or Gaza. Our fixers / coordinators are responsible for more than 50 films dealing with history, archaeology and religion, as well as for several documentary series and dozens of films dealing with current affairs, on both sides of the conflict.

Fixer services in Israel and Palestine: our experience

Fixer in Israel

after more than 24 years of producing and providing production and location services in Israel & Palestine, we can state the obvious; this area never ceases to attract documentary filmmakers, film producers and show-runners. Our customers come to Israel for a variety of reasons: the history of Christianity, Islam or Judaism; current affairs stories including sport events or live concerts; or want to follow a story related to the complicated political reality of Israel and the Middle East; or the fabulous art, culture or night life of Tel Aviv. Our Fixer services in Israel and Palestine are just one part of the range of services we offer: We provide producers with a turnkey package in order to facilitate an affordable production at the highest professional standard. 

We often provide productions with a full package of services: from initial research to location scout (recce), coordination, filming and post production. In many cases, the director or producer are the only one traveling to Israel, while we are responsible for the shoot. Often we are working together with a visiting crew, providing them with any services they require here. 

During the Covid waves we have specialized in providing remote production services in Israel and Palestine. Our technical solutions for remote production are great, and allow a producer or a director to manage the shoot from anywhere in the world.