Filming Building and Industrial Projects in Israel

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Looking for local help with filming building and industrial projects in Israel That’s what we do. Highlight Films has years of experience in filming building & industrial Projects in Israel & Palestine.

Building & Industrial Projects: Our Customers

We provide video documentation of industrial and engineering projects for different companies in Israel, among them Assuta Hospitals, GE, Bombardier, Alstom, Maccabi health services, the Jewish Agency, Dead Sea Works and other large companies and organizations in Israel. We have a long list of international clients we worked with on filming their branches, customers or suppliers in Israel and other locations in the Middle East, among them: SAP, HP, Teva, Alstom, Intel, Twitter, Procter&Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Nvidia and others.

Our company has the full capacity and experience in documenting large-scale industrial projects, in all the available formats and by the highest professional standards. We can provide the best available tools to fully document your project and achievements. With our assistance you will be able to get the most precise exposure to any target audience, showing in the best way your projects and activities as a company, and emphasizing the values which guide you on your day to day operations.

Our production services in filming building and industrial projects in Israel

Filming Building and Industrial Projects in Israel

–  Short videos for your internal needs: presentations, video updates to management, investors and workers. 

–  Aerial filming of the project by drone or helicopter. 

–  Filming significant stages of the project on the ground.

– Filming interviews with all the relevant contributors to the project,

– Filming of speeches / presentations / appearances of CEO and management to employees.

– Filming of time lapse clips – a technique used to document events that happen over a long time and are shown at the end in high speed. See our time lapse video library.

Our company has extensive experience, and a large number of camera crews all over Israel, a fact that allows us to offer solutions to a wide range of documenting needs, filming (video and stills) editing and distribution. So if you need any help with filming building and industrial projects in Israel, please contact us.