Drone Aerial Filming In Israel & Palestine

We have been specializing in drone Aerial filming in Israel & Palestine since drones became available, in 2015. Drones have become the perfect solution for news, documentary and corporate shoots: filming with drones allow us to take shots no helicopter or airplane can take: vertical lift from the ground to 300 ft., descending from the sky to the ground, sweeping dolly movements, seen as if the camera is rolling on virtual tracks…

The unmanned aerial vehicles we use are equipped with full HD / 4K cameras. All our drone operators are licensed by the Israeli aviation authorities and insured in Israel.

Highlight Films offers outstanding drone operators who can film with the visiting crew, or work remotely. We have completed dozens of documentary, corporate, commercial and news productions with drones in the last year alone, and we’d be glad to work with your team.

There is a lot of red tape around drone aerial filming in Israel, but we do it on a weekly basis and can get the required permits within one or two days before the planned shoot.

Drone filming in Palestine

The rules and regulations regarding drone operations in the Palestinian areas in the West Bank are enforced by the military. Some areas are completely restricted, while in others we can film with either an Israeli team or a Palestinian team.

So if you need a drone aerial filming in Israel or Palestine, please let us know.